Panorama 120

Induction cooktop with extra-large cooking surface


5 zones with extraction

The Panorama 120 is unrivalled. It’s the first cooktop divided into 5 zones with extraction! Furthermore, the cooking zone in the middle of the induction cooktop is extra large. It has a diameter of no less than 28 cm, so even the largest wok will fit perfectly on the Panorama 120. For fans of extra-large pans and large stew pots, the Panorama 120 is also available with 4 extra-large cooking zones.

Panorama 120

Efficiently and exceptionally silent

Not only is the Panorama 120 induction cooktop extra large, it also scores well in other areas. Its powerful extraction tower is elegantly integrated into the cooktop and can only be seen when it is in use. Naturally, the extraction works efficiently and is exceptionally silent, as you are used to from Novy.


Cook in style on an induction cooktop with 5 zones

The Panorama 120 has numerous functions which makes cooking a sheer pleasure. Whether you are grilling on the connected zones or keeping your sauce warm, the large cooktop will rapidly become the perfect sous chef. You can adjust the height of the extraction tower which in turn provide efficient extraction, right at the source.

It is extremely quick to keep clean too! If something boils over, the integrated safety trays will collect any spillages. There is also a rubber seal that keeps moisture out of your appliance between the cooktop and the range hood! By the way, did you know that all the parts are dishwasher-safe?

Why choose the Panorama 120?

A wealth of space

large cooktop measuring 120 cm

Ultimate cooking experience

numerous handy functions

Fine cuisine

numerous handy functions

Powerful cooker hood

extraction tower with adjustable height

Elegant design

discretely integrated in your kitchen

Panorama 120

Large cooktop tailored to your kitchen

The Panorama 120 cooktop may well be large, but it only needs a limited installation depth. This means that you can still fit drawers measuring 40 cm. The extraction is also adapted to your kitchen. You can choose from a traditional range hood with outwards air extraction or innovative recirculation. Whichever one you prefer, you can be sure of an amazing cooking experience, including silent extraction, with the Panorama 120!

More info about the Panorama 120

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