Novy One

Powerful all-in-one cooktop and extractor… it has to be the one!

A sleek design, compact cooktop and powerful extractor, are all hallmarks of the Novy One. This worktop extractor combines perfectly with modern kitchens – when it is closed you just see a stylish glass surface.

However, when the Novy One steps into action, you’ll be staggered by its power! The induction cooktop has 4 cooking zones – with a power function – to prepare all of your favorite dishes. The worktop extractor is exceptionally efficient and silent and at the same time provides powerful extraction at source. Basically, the Novy One is your perfect partner when you want to have fun cooking!


Why choose the Novy One?

The secrets of your ideal worktop extractor

Compact and efficient

The Novy One measures 78 cm which makes it exceptionally compact. However, although it takes up less space, it does not lack in extraction power. Use the tilt flap for pans and pull out the tower for taller pots!

Sshttt... the Novy One is working

The built-in worktop extractor ensures that cooking fumes are directly extracted at the source. The central tower efficiently removes fumes so it requires less extraction power, which results in silent operation.

Ultra-sleek design

The tower of the worktop extractor is made from dishwasher-safe black metal and the hob is made from stylish glass. When not cooking, only the sleek glass surface is visible. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys the clean lines of a neat kitchen!

Coosy cooking

The combination of 4 cooking zones in the cooktop with fixed extractor guarantees cooking pleasure! Hobby chefs will become fans of the One Pro with its extra functions such as grilling and the keep-warm function. Everyone to the table!

Rapid extraction

Would you like to install the worktop extractor with traditional outwards air extraction? Naturally, this is possible! However, did you know that it is possible to use the Novy One with recirculation? This version treats odours indoors using an efficient charcoal filter.


Simple maintenance

The Novy One is easy to clean. It takes no time at all to clean the metal extractor tower in the dishwasher and all you need is water and detergent to wipe down the hob. And if a pot has boiled over, the fixed and removable collection trays will catch everything.


Novy One, gloriously compact

The compact system measuring 78 cm is ideal for anyone who wants to make optimum use of the space in their kitchen. Add to this the powerful motor, stylish design, and various handy functions, and you have the Novy One worktop extractor!

You can always make optimum use of the central extractor tower. Use the discrete tilt flap for shallow pans or extend the tower up to 11 cm to effortlessly remove fumes from your cooking pots.

The 4 cooking zones are distributed in the cooktop around the extractor for maximum ease of use. And thanks to the flexzones you can cook with full freedom.

If the One Power has a pause button and a power function, the One Pro takes it a step further. Enthusiastic chefs can use the automatic bridge function, for instance, or the keep-warm function, special grill, automatic pot detection, and much more.

The installation height of the Novy One is 18 or 19 cm, depending on the model, which leaves plenty of room for an optimum cupboard layout.

The Novy One cooktop with extractor is suitable for both extraction of air outwards and recirculation. This means you will always find the ideal version for your kitchen!

Why Novy?

Novy, inspired by quality

At Novy, we're convinced that cooking is synonymous with pleasure. Thanks to the ultimate combination of an all-in-one hob and extractor, nothing will interrupt that pleasure! Novy has been committed to innovation, superior quality and exhaustive attention to craftmanship since 1965.

Durable and silent motor, unique extractor technology, designer finish in high-quality materials and exceptionally efficient odour extraction – there are many reasons to choose a Novy worktop extractor. The Novy One is the ultimate match between sleek design and endless cooking pleasure.

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  • Control color: red
  • No grill function
  • No automatic pot detection
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  • Control color: white
  • Grill function
  •  Automatic pot detection
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