Novy UP

Modular hob with extractor: it’s up to you!

Do you dream of cooking something special while everyone is sitting around the kitchen island and enjoying an aperitif? Are you also a fan of sleek design? In that case, your kitchen should not be without a silent hob with extractor!

The Novy Up combines a modular hob with an integrated extractor. It means you can arrange your kitchen the way you want! You can even do a little show cooking with the special teppanyaki or wok zones. What about the extractor? You pull it out by hand while you are cooking. The extractor tower is silent and efficiently removes cooking fumes. When you sit at the table, retract the extractor into the hob for an exceptionally sleek kitchen island!


Why Novy Up?

Unique features of the Novy Up hob with integrated extractor

Suitable for any kitchen

A hob with an extractor is guaranteed to provide a sleek kitchen arrangement. After all, you do not need a cooker hood on your ceiling or fitted to a wall, and everything is neatly positioned on the worktop. While you are cooking, you can manually extend the Novy Up extraction tower for pots. For pans, all you need to do is open the tilt flap.

Make your kitchen a silent kitchen

Novy extractors are not in the least bit noisy. The Novy Up is the perfect balance between noise and efficiency. Fumes are extracted at source which uses less power and also keeps the decibels low. Let there be peace and quiet!

Design meets functionality

The hob with integrated extractor adds a calming appearance in your kitchen. You only need to extend the tower while you are cooking, and even then it steals the show with its sleek looks. The extractor tower is made from black, lacquered metal and can be fully removed for a quick clean in the dish washer.

Your ideal hob

Configure your Novy Up hob with extractor however you like! You can choose from 2, 4, 6, or 8 cooking zones each with an Up extractor tower in the middle. Are you looking for round of extended flexzones? You'll have a generous 38 cm of cooking space. We even have special combinations for wok and teppanyaki lovers!

Rapid extraction

Extraction at source means that cooking fumes are immediately removed from the edge of the pot and can be rapidly extracted. This can be done in the traditional way, but also by using our recirculation technology which enables odours to be treated indoors using a carbon filter.

Easy maintenance

Cleaning your Novy Up takes no time at all. You can put all of the metal extractor tower in the dishwasher, and the hob can be cleaned with water and detergent. If something spilt over into the extractor tower while you were cooking, it’s not a problem. The built-in collection tray can be cleaned easily with a cloth.


Novy Up: flexibiliteit is its strength

What is striking about the Novy Up is the many options available for cooking zones. Naturally, with this hob and integrated extractor you can also rely on Novy’s many years of experience in stylish design and powerful cooker hoods. The only way is UP!

The flexibility of the Novy Up lets you design your hob exactly the way you like. 2, 4, 6 or 8 cooking zones and the option to extend this, or cooking zones suitable for a wok or teppanyaki...the choice is yours!

The hob has an extractor between every two cooking zones. The extraction tower rises smoothly when you press it which is ideal if you are cooking with pots. If you are frying or grilling in a pan, the tilt flap comes in handy. You can turn the flap for focused and efficient extraction.

The Novy Up is easy to control with the central touch function and your dish will be ready in no time thanks to the power mode. For an extra-large surface, most models allow you to control the flexzones via the manual bridge function.

The installation height of the Novy Up is 22.5 cm, which leaves plenty of room for a lovely cupboard layout.

The Novy Up hob with extractor is suitable for both outwards air extraction and recirculation. This means there’s always a version that combines perfectly with your kitchen!

Why Novy?

Novy, inspired by quality

At Novy, we're convinced that cooking is synonymous with pleasure. A hob with integrated extractor means nothing will interrupt your pleasure! Durable and silent motor, unique extractor technology, designer finish in high-quality materials and exceptionally efficient extraction of odours – there are so many reasons to choose a Novy hob with extractor.

Novy Up lets you enjoy a flexible cooking experience on a hob with integrated extractor that has Novy quality. Novy has been committed to innovation, superior quality and exhaustive attention to craftmanship since 1965.

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